Afraid but strong, choosing light over darknesss

Originally Published: http://www.riverheadlocal.com/2014/10/12/afraid-strong-choosing-light-darknesss/ As I lay on the cot in the dark room, the quiet drone of the IV pump and the hissing sounds of oxygen played in my subconscious like an old familiar song. Hours before, I was dressed in a paper suit and face mask preparing to go to the operating room. I was covered from head to toe as I accompanied my daughter, Johanna into the operating room for her ninety-first surgery. This was an all-too-familiar experience, one that parents pray they never need, that has become a frequent part of my life over the past eighteen years. I did what I always do; I helped her onto the gurney as we joked with the nurses and anesthesiologists in the bright, cold operating room. I understand the lights and the sterile environment, but I keep forgetting to ask why the operating room is so very cold. The [...]

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A lesson in endurance: running the rosary:

http://riverheadlocal.com/life-on-purpose/a-lesson-in-endurance-running-the-rosary A few weeks ago, I was leading the worship for a retreat in Nassau County. While it may seem that I am frequently off on relaxing retreats , I actually am working very hard. The weekends are pretty busy for me. On this retreat, my bedroom was as far from the main conference room as you could get. It was down a very long hallway and around the corner into another hall. Inevitably, I was running back and forth in a hurry between my room, the conference room and the chapel. Because I needed to open the sessions with music, and because I always forgot something I needed, I was literally running. On Friday night, it started off as a dainty pace, in heels. By Saturday morning, I was wearing flip flops, but I still found it hard to get anywhere fast. By Saturday evening I was barefoot and [...]

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